Environmental authorisations have been a mandatory requirement for a wide variety of development activities, in South Africa and increasingly in the rest of the African continent. Mutole SHEQ has completed Environmental studies in the country.

We have the expertise and experience available to undertake the full spectrum of studies required for EIA.s, in accordance with the national requirements. This includes the statutory public participation and consultation process, specialist studies (through our extensive network of top quality, pre-approved specialist sub
Consultants) and all the required interactions with the regulating authorities.

Related to the EIA’s, Mutole also has experience in compiling, and auditing Environmental Management Plans (EMP). We hold ourselves high in being able to provide a tailor made and practical approach to EMP’s. Mutole has a specific core focus and experience in conducting EIA’s and EMP’s for large infrastructure projects, linear developments and components of the power and energy industries, including all other related industries.

We are one of the foremost consultancies in the country with respect to tailored design and implementation of ISO 14001, ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 compliant, strategically appropriate Integrated Management Systems (IMS). Our client base include amongst others; manufacturing industries, mining; Civil & construction, Precious metals refinery; Power and energy sector; and Waste management.
Our approach to system design and implementation is based on a solid foundation of current up-to-date business management expertise, blended with environmental management studies. The result is a system that is specifically designed to optimise synergies with other management systems already in place in the client’s organisation, and that fully supports the clients strategic and management objectives. A strong project management approach is followed to ensure that the system is implemented to specification, on time and within budget.

Our Services include but not limited to the following: –

> Environmental Impact Assessments
Waste Management
Other Services