 Scoping & Environmental Impact reporting (S&EIR)
 Basic Assessments (BAs)
 Environmental Management Programme (EMPr)
 Pre-Feasibility/Screening Exercise
 Public Participation Process (PPP)
 Environmental Control Officer (ECO) Services
 Greening Projects
 Section 24 G Applications
 Waste Management License Applications (Existing & New Sites)
 Mining Closure Applications (Closure Plans, Performance & Risk Assessments)
 EMPR Performance Assessments
 Water Use License Applications (WULA) for all Industries
 Old Order Mining Rights EMPr Amendments as per MPRDA
 Section 11 Applications as per MPRDA
 MPRDA Financial Provisions
 EIAs related to Prospecting, Mining Rights & Mining Permits Application
 MPRDA Mining Works Programmes (MWPs) and
 MPRDA Section 102 Applications (Amendment Applications)

We can help you with every aspect of your environmental responsibilities, including sampling campaigns:

Air:We provide a range of highly specialized ambient and indoor air sampling – in the field or at one of our specialist laboratories
Soil: We offer a variety of environmental drilling, soil and sediment sampling, and geotechnical services
Water: We conduct independent sampling and analysis of surface water, groundwater, process water, waste water and much more
Waste: We can help you assess, monitor, reduce and manage your waste products
Climate change: From testing for micro-pollutants to ensuring compliance with new greenhouse gas emissions regulations, we help you understand and optimize your relationship with the environment, and comply with environmental standards